Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Preview for the game to be played 25th Feb 2018.

On my last blog I "hinted" that we might play an English Civil War game on Sunday,but I have changed my mind(so what's new?) and decided on a Colonial game based in the Sudan.
I have taken a few photographs and here they are......................

This is the simple scenario,we will pick sides on the night,and like all Colonial games it should be pretty exciting stuff!

This is the table as the "boys" will see it on Sunday night-the Egyptian troops will have limited ammunition!!

The Egyptian position,Fort and wall to defend-both flanks fairly open,and the Dervish hordes have cavalry on both flanks!!!!-might just be a tricky situation.

This is the view from behind the Haddendowah position looking towards the British column.

The British column,consisting of Camel-mounted troops,Lancers,artillery and infantry,all armed with the latest modern weapons-what could possibly go wrong????

Another view of the Egyptians-I'm sure the British commander will sacrifice his troops to go to their assistance(?)

The Dervish troops waiting patiently for their turn to attack-and they will!!!
Roll on Sunday.

Monday, 19 February 2018

2nd Dacian War 105AD.

We had a "corker" of a game last night,pitting Germans and Dacians against the might of Rome. Dave was feeling a bit under the weather,so it was left to Paul,Graham,Brian and I to play this interesting and tight game!

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.
I commanded the Dacians,Brian the Germans,whilst Paul was Trajan,and Graham was Hadrian.

We're off!!-top photo shows my front line Dacaians smashing into Paul's pathetic little auxiliaries(who just happened to give them a good old thrashing!!!)-Paul's dynamic dice throwing should carry a government health warning(to Dacians anyway!!) and he won every melee and killed all of my officers in the process!!!
The bottom photo shows my Sarmatian heavy cavalry against some Roman heavy cavalry-they too got beaten up-this is not going according to plan(so far!)

Meanwhile,on Brian's flank,his "tardy" Germans are advancing(slowly) and ,initially, is being given a bit of a bloody nose by Graham's auxiliaries-oh dear!

At last! Brian's Germans have stopped looking at the flora and fauna and counting the trees,and are attacking the Romans-hurrah!!(is that a smirk on Graham's face ,or wind??)

Back to my flank-I am putting in one hell of an attack,and Paul is looking worried-why??-he's got his secret weapon,aka bloody dice!!!-eleven,yes eleven,officers "bit the dust" in the ensuing melees and my troops were sent reeling back to their lines(I'm going to burn his dice,that's what I'm going to do!!)

HOWEVER-my cavalry are beating his,and driving them back-hurrah!!!-but a cohort of infantry are making their way behind the rocks,just waiting to ambush me-not so hurrah!!!
In the background,the tussle for the hill continues,but my leaderless rabble is no match for the cohorts(and dice!) and is in real trouble.

Brian's Germans have eventually made contact with the Roman cohorts of Hadrian's legion-but they didn't like it!!! Paul then sent a cohort to help Graham out,and this swung the balance to the Romans-woe is us!!

The state of play,about move number 8-I am beaten in the background,and Graham is putting Brian under all kinds of pressure in the foreground!

One final shot,showing my troops forming a defensive line in front of the town,and the "Chuckle Brothers" having a rest!!
This was a great game,well played,and enjoyed by us all,roll on next Sunday,maybe an English Civil War game,but who knows???

Monday, 12 February 2018

Battle of the Woods 1708.

Last night we fought a most enjoyable and tense game,full of colour,tactical expertise(??) and movement.

This is the simple scenario,movement was restricted in the woods,to a normal move followed by a full move to re-dress lines etc.-this proved to be a real challenge for both sides.

Graham's Irish were the first to "expose" themselves(!!) and attacked Brian's Austrians,at the same time,Graham, has moved his Bavarians in an out-flanking move,putting Brian in all kinds of trouble(but he was up to it!!)

This shows Graham's attack-Brian was quietly confident because all of his Austrians had very good morale/fighting points.

On the other side of the table,Dave's cavalry are advancing against Paul's position,and his infantry have "burst forth" from the woods-looks like this could develop into a good game(?!)

Paul's Spanish are standing still on top of the hill,his gun is doing a bit of damage,and his cavalry are poised for a charge, but Dave is advancing very cautiously and slowly.

At last a cavalry clash!!-the tumbleweed was causing a bit of bother until now!!!-still no infantry action though.

Hurrah!! at last the infantry have made contact-but with the Bavarians not the Spanish!!
Meanwhile,on the other flank...........................

Brian and Graham are going at it "hammer and tongs"-both sides are taking heavy casualties,and morale is now coming in to play!!-in the background things  seem to have stopped!!!

"Just drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweed"-the next move will surely bring some action though????..................


The attack on the town is reaching a crucial stage-the Irish are "wavering",and to stabilise the situation Graham put his Colonel in the front line(you know what's coming don't you?) and promptly got him shot!!!-the whole of the Irish brigade decided that Dublin is quite nice this time of year!!!!!!!!!

Relief is showing on Brian's face(or is it wind?) as the Irish take off back to the woods.
Graham now shifted his attention to the town,by taking a couple of infantry regiments from the centre,leaving Paul feeling "vulnerable" -can Dave capitalise on the situation??

Yes!!,brushing the cobwebs off his troops,he has mounted an all-out attack on Paul's position-to be fair to Paul,he held his own(no jokes please!) but it was just a matter of time before he would have to give in! However the town was still in Brian's hands,so a clear cut result was not forthcoming!!

One final shot,and the're still smiling.This was a good game and well fought by all,roll on next Sunday,probably an Ancient battle.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

New member of the Westerhope Wargames Group.

We have a new "honorary member" of our club,who weighed in at 8lbs 5oz on Thursday the 8th February,our Grandaughter, Robyn Lily Coutts.


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Painting etc up-date.

I am not a one to let the grass grow beneath my feet,and after our try-out game of the Battle of Bairen,which we are taking to "Carronade" in May,I decided that the "Camps" of the Moors and the Spanish,left alot to be desired,so set about re-painting the tents...........

The "Moorish" tents have now been painted a sinister black,which is the same as the Ships.

                                                                                                                                                                         Sinister,or what???

The Spanish tents are now somewhat brighter!! I have added photo-copied paper shields to the tops and sides,and now look the part-what next???                                                                                                                                        


Monday, 5 February 2018

Battle of "Trou-Merde" 1750.

Because the rest of the "boys" were recovering from their trip to Vapnartak,it fell to Brian and I to fight this "cracking" game last night.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement.We threw dice to determine who commanded what,and Brian turned out to be the French commander and I was the British commander.
My plan was simple-Rangers to hold on my left(artillery hill) whilst Rangers on my right were to attack the French artillery and Indian camp,and the British infantry would advance on the French line whilst protecting their flanks!-Brian's plan was similar.All reinforcements were to arrive on the table on move number 4.

The action on my right flank got off to a "brisk" start-after an initial volley,both sides got stuck in with hatchet and musket butts!!-my attempt to take out the French artillery was thwarted by cannister shot-oh dear,how sad,never mind!!

On the other flank,despite a good volley,which killed his warband leader,Brian has made contact with the flanking British regiment-this could be difficult??!!

The rest of my left flank Rangers are keeping the attacking Indians at bay-this was to prove fatal to the attack,but not before Brian's dice throwing had me worried!!

As the flanks are being hotly contested,"tumbleweed" is blowing across the central position,although with the French gun not being threatened anymore,it began to inflict casualties on my flanking regiment,who,eventually had to retire(it's good being retired!)

On my left,my gun has re-aligned,and is giving the attacking Indians a good old battering,forcing them to retire(it's good.......)-Once the flank was secure,the line could advance on the French line-hurrah!!

"So it came to pass!!" the whole line is ablaze with musket fire,neither side gaining an advantage in the early exchanges,but Brian's gun is still causing casualties!!

My reinforcements have arrived and I am moving them onto Brian's right flank,where one of his regiments has been forced to give ground-on my other flank,things are not going well!!!

My Rangers have been forced back into the woods-even the bear is retiring!! however this didn't effect the overall result,but that bloody gun is still firing!!!

In the centre,my reinforcements are making an impact,and Brian's decision to march his reinforcements over to his right has meant that they were out of the action for the most part of the game-with the right flank ,and centre, in British control it was almost game over.

One final shot,showing the British in control of the centre and about to assault the Fort-however,Brian's reinforcements would probably have given them a hard time!!
A good game,involving good tactics,banter,colour and quite a bit of "nail biting!"
Roll on next Sunday,hopefully a full turn out,and probably a Marlburian game.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Game preview for Sunday 4th February 2018.

Variety certainly is the spice of life in my Wargames World,and to this end I have decided that the game we are playing on Sunday will be a French/Indian War conflict(even though I haven't got all the correct figures-imagination also plays a big part in my life!!)

This is the scenario(the name of the fort is a "Trumpism!"which he used to describe certain African and Asian countries!!)

This is how the "boys" will see the table when they arrive on Sunday-British infantry and Rangers on the left,French and Indians on the right.

Indians lurking in the woods,opposite the British artillery and HQ.

The British infantry,all lined up and raring to go!!

Rangers lurking in the woods,opposite the Indian camp-can anyone spot a bear?

The Indian camp(I know,I know,they didn't have Teepees-but it looks good!!)

OH NO!-IT'S THE WIFE!!!!!!!!
Roll on Sunday.