Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Mini-Tanks solo game.

Having left THE WIFE in the front garden digging the foundations for a "Fall-out" shelter,I decided to have a solo game with my Mini-Tanks.
I am not a great fan of WW2,but quite like the idea of large tank battles,so my Mini-Tanks are ideal-I use the very simplest of rules,involving Points per tank,firing points per tank and movement per tank as well as ranges per tank.Firing is done by multiplying the fire points by a dice throw and the result is the damage done to the target tank-fast and fun!!

This is all I need to have a game,plus...........................

These fabulous things!-bought from the Pound shop-no expense spared,they are used to denote a "knocked-out" tank(as you will see.)

The tanks I use(from the Pound shop!) brown is light,green is medium,grey is heavy-the points values are written on attached clear plastic slips glued to the bottom of the tank-when hit the values are adjusted accordingly-no book-keeping,and when the totals are reached....................

A "star" is placed underneath the tank-simple!!
Now onto the game.............................

Brrrr! winter terrain always lends a certain atmosphere to games I feel-The tanks on the left are denoted by Red flags attached to each tank,with White ones on the right.I opted to "favour" the Reds,and decided to gain both flanks whilst holding in the centre(anyone would think I knew what I was doing!!!!)

After an hour's play,this was the sorry state of my forces!-I had lost 7 tanks to the White's three-I can't even win a solo game!!!!
Great fun,and time just flies when you're having it!

In this shot you can see that the original points(80-medium tank) has been reduced to 20,and is nearing its demise!-I use a piece of paper to rub the original points off etc.etc.

All three "types" with their original points values.(note bottle of beer on table!-it's great being retired!!)
Well,I'd best go and see how THE WIFE is getting on,I told her about 8 feet down would be enough,but I'm sure I just heard an Australian accent!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

7 Years War battle.

Last night we had another "foray" into the horse and musket period,in the form of a 7YW game provided by Paul.

Top photo is the map we were each given,and bottom is the scenario and terrain restrictions.
Dave was Austrian commander,aided and abetted by Brian,and I was Prussian commander aided and abetted by Graham.

The first 4 moves were taken up by each side manoeuvering into position,this shows my Prussians trying to deploy,whilst the Austrians are already in a good position on the ridge/hill.

The Austrian deployment!-I had already formulated a plan,which would depend on the Austrian position,but seeing them in equal numbers,and in a defensive position,my plan was scuppered!!!-Dave had decided not to attack(and why would he?) and if I attacked I would be "ploated" to say the least!!!
The impasse had to be ended,so I ordered Graham to attack with his cavalry against the flank held by Brian-this was successful,in the end,mainly due to some "diabolocal" dice throwing from Brian!!!-the language was choice!!! but my infantry was being chewed up by some fantastic gunnery from Dave.

The Prussians are still moving along the road!-The brigade in the foreground was poor quality,so I decided to try and lure Dave to attack them with his cavalry,by moving them forward,then catch him in a cross-fire from my guns,backed up with my reserve Cuirassiers-this failed!

The Prussians advance(slightly!) but the Austrians are clinging to their hill-the swines!

Apart from the cavalry battle on the far flank,inaction seems to be the word!!


Action!!Graham has advanced and is giving the Austrians on their right flank a good old battering,and his cavalry are winning-hurrah!!-my infantry have advanced and a fire-fight is ongoing,however my "poor" brigade has decided that they would be better off back in Berlin!!! and have taken off!!
With Graham winning on his flank,but my centre and right in all kinds of trouble,we decided that the position was too strong to take,and called it a night.
I am trying to encourage the "lads" to come up with more scenarios(I'm running out of ideas!) and the more they put on the more experience they will get,and they will discover the joy(as Paul did) of  putting on a good game.Well done for last night,and next week our mate Michael is coming down for the week-end,and he has requested that we put on a WW2 game!!-it will be Dave's turn to shine,using his figures,Paul's figures and Brian's figures-so roll on next Sunday.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Wig-Wam,what a sham(e)

Before I'd started my wig-wam project,I sent away for some Plains Indians war figures from Warrior Miniatures,hoping to start another new period.The figures duly arrived (in double quick time!) and they are magnificent-cracking detail and proportions,and poses and very easy on the pocket at 70p for a foot figure and £1.40p per mounted figure(including the horse!)
I have been painting the figures for the past three days,and I am pleased with the results,however,because we don't do skirmish type games,I wanted a fair few figures,both Indians and US cavalry,and at the moment,because of Council Tax,Gas and Electricity bills etc.etc. I can't afford them.But on the positive side,my 70th Birthday is coming up in July,so might just ask THE WIFE,and kids for a contribution then!
Here are some photo's of the figures.....................................

Top photo is all the samples,and bottom is an Indian in war bonnet-quite a bit of detail,which my painting doesn't show,but you can get the picture!

US cavalry and Buffalo!!!

Close-ups of cavalry and Indians.

One final shot-he looks mean!!!
One of the figures is Custer,so I might do a little diorama of his last stand!!
Roll on July!!!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Wig-Wam,thank you ma'm.

A few weeks ago I put on a game involving my Woodland Indians,and represented their village with one plastic wig-wam(teepee) and a Totem pole-and to be honest it looked pathetic!!-but since then I have been thinking of ways to make,cheaply, more wig-wams at very little expense.
I looked at the internet,and actually found a couple of sites that showed how to make them,but seemed a little bit intricate(involving compasses and oblique angle cuts!!!) so decided to have a go myself.

I experimented,using bits of paper,to find the correct size I would need for 25/28mm figures,and came up with these measurements.

I then made a hard card template,as above,and was ready to mark some thick craft card with the design.

Using only the items shown,I quickly marked and cut out the requisite number,ie 4 shapes per wig-wam and was ready to go.

24 shapes done,ie 6 wig-wams,and now for the sticky bit!!

Putting a line of UHU glue down each right hand edge,I carefully stuck them in a sort of fan shape,as shown.

After about a minute and a half,they had stuck enough for me to pick them up and fold the final edge around to form the wig-wam shape.

Hey Presto!!-a wig-wam,but not yet complete-poles are needed!

The aperture(hole!) where the poles,aka cocktail sticks,will be shoved!!

A thin line of UHU stuck the sticks in place,resulting in this.........................

Who's a clever boy then???? any finishing touches? eg a door and some crude designs on the "walls"-using felt tip pens,I achieved this finished article..........................

Not bad! I found these things so easy and fun to make,that I may have gone a little OTT!!!
by making 12 of them-some Indian village!-I'll have to find a use for them(???)

Napoleonic Game.

Last night the "famous five" had a rare Napoleonic game-but these games will increase as Graham,Paul and Dave finish their vast collections of British/Austrian/Prussian etc. etc. figures,but meanwhile we had to play with my very old(and old-fashioned?) figures.
The game proved to be an exciting re-learning curve of Napoleonic tactics,co-ordination and communication!!!

This is the table before any movement-the ship wasn't flying any colours,so had to be diced for-the highest dice got the ship and its "broadsides"
Paul,Dave and Brian were joint French commanders,whilst Graham and I were joint British commanders-the objective was to capture the town from the British!!

As the Guards were the best troops on the board,they were tasked with defending the town,and what a magnificent job they did of it,repelling all attacks-hurrah!!

The attack begins!-the French "high command" had come up with a plan to have a joint,co-ordinated attack on the town and centre,whilst Brian,on the far flank, was just to contain any British offensives(as if!!) This was a sound plan(on paper) but relied heavily on the co-ordination part!!

Rifles,artillery,cavalry and the guards saw off Dave's first attack-another hurrah!! but Paul was supposed to be supporting Dave,however he left his advance too late,and Dave was shot to pieces!!!(co-ordination and communication)

Dave's second attack fared no better than the first,and his infantry were "bounced" by the guards,and now my cavalry was threatening his flank,and with no support forthcoming,he was in deep "poo"

Across the rest of the board,there was a lot of artillery action(Brian in particular was causing the British a bit of bother) but very little else-a feint attack by Paul's lancers saw him taking a bit of a beating from the British musketry.-with Brian's inactivity,Graham has moved some Highlanders across to support my flank(co-ordination and communication!)

Paul's lancers have just taken a morale test,and will retire(its good being retired!) next move,leaving me free to release my heavy cavalry and split the French army in two!!
Meanwhile another French attack against the town is in the process of being beaten back-it's all over now!!

This shows one of many artillery shots from Brian,causing havoc in the British ranks-we use an "old fashioned,but effective,bounce stick,coloured to co-ordinate with a coloured dice,to assess casualties.

One final shot showing the sorry state of the French army(note,no attackers in the vicinity of the town walls!!!!)
This was a good game and certainly taught us that we need to re-learn out Napoleonic gaming,I felt we all did well but that we need more games-come on lads!!
Roll on next Sunday,Paul is arranging a 7YW battle using an old scenario from way back!

Monday, 5 March 2018

El Cid,Bairen 1097(again!)

Last night we had another 100% turnout,to go through the game we are putting on at Carronade in May,but this time I put all of the figures we have,plus some "ephemera" onto the table.(look out for the "new" ships c/w archers!)

Brian and Graham discussing tactics before the game starts-and look at the new ships c/w archers!

A mean-looking square,front rank consisting of "Black Guard" being attacked by the Spanish.

All action!-we played the game out as a game,rather than a re-fight of the battle,and it worked out fine.We will play the game the same at Falkirk,but have yet to decide who will be commanding what-last night Dave and I commanded the Moors,whilst Paul,Graham and Brian commanded the Spanish.

A somewhat diminished Black Guard square!-having taken the brunt of the Spanish attack!
The next shot shows the tacky and squalid side of wargaming-that of "GLOATING"

Dave's arms are moving too fast for the camera as he "jigged" up and down in a sort of frenzied "dad dance" all because he killed Paul's CinC figure-such enthusiasm is welcomed but ,come on Dave, control it!!!!!-what will the Scots think if you do that sort of thing in May???

One last shot showing the sate of play at the end of our game-success to the Moors!(and history turned upside down!)

Dave brought a couple of his "master-pieces" to show us..........................

The first,which he kindly donated to me, is a Moorish command group-I might have to re-paint them black though-just kidding!!

The second is a Napoleonic,British,Royal Horse Artillery gun/limber/riders-just look at the detail!-Wake up Graham!!!!

Absolutely grand!!!
Roll on next Sunday-maybe,just maybe, a Napoleonic game,set in Spain.